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Lisa Boden

Co-director & lead on "Social Policy and Behaviours"

University of Edinburgh, United Kingdom

Professor Lisa Boden is a UK (RCVS) and European Veterinary Specialist in Veterinary public health & population medicine with a PhD in veterinary epidemiology and a Masters of Laws in medical law and ethics.

She is a Professor at the University of Edinburgh at the Global Academy of Agriculture and Food Systems, and Deputy Director of EPIC (Scottish Government’s Centre for Expertise in Animal Disease Outbreaks) which provides policymakers with rapid access to emergency scientific advice and analyses to prepare for and respond to emergency exotic and novel animal disease outbreaks.

Her work includes translation and communication of science as effective and ethical evidence for policy, contingency planning and emergency outbreak response and management, risk assessment and communication and horizon scanning and scenario planning work to facilitate strategic thinking about risk and long-term future resilience to disease outbreaks.


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