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Dalan Bailey

Co-director & lead on "Countermeasures and Interventions"

The Pirbright Institute, United Kingdom

Dr Bailey is a Group Leader working on the molecular biology of RNA viruses including sarbecoviruses, pneumoviruses and paramyxoviruses.

Dalan is particularly interested in the virus-host interactions that take place during virus entry and exit. His focus lies in characterising the interplay between these viral processes, the cytoskeleton and innate and adaptive immunity. Since 2005 he has published over 65 manuscripts in this area including publications in Nature Microbiology, PLOS Biology, PLOS Pathogens, JBC and the Journal of Virology.

Dalan has presented his research data, as a speaker, at numerous national and international conferences including the: Microbiology Society’s Annual Conference, Negative Strand Virus Meeting, American Society for Virology, and International Union of Microbiological Societies. He is also committed to developing strong links with stakeholders outside of academia and has spent time working at the headquarters of the Food and Agriculture Organisation of The United Nations (FAO) in Rome.

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