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    Ms Mary McCabe Queen's University Belfast United Kingdom PhD Medicine Student Medical More info
    Dr Maryam Muhammad National Veterinary Research Institute, Nigeria Nigeria Director/Chief Executive Veterinary More info
    Ms Marybeth Xiu Hui Tan R(D)SVS United Kingdom Veterinary Student Veterinary More info
    Mr Matthew Crown Northumbria University United Kingdom PhD Student Other More info
    Dr Matthew Bashton Northumbria University United Kingdom Vice Chancellors Senior Fellow Other More info
    Mr Maximillan Erdmann University of Bristol United Kingdom PhD Student Medical More info
    Dr Megan Schmidt-Sane Institute of Development Studies United Kingdom Research Fellow Social More info
    Ms Melanie Scherer Division of Neurology Sciences, Vetsuisse Faculty, University of Bern, Switzerland Switzerland PhD Student Medical More info
    Dr Michael Francis BioVacc Consulting Ltd United Kingdom Managing Director Veterinary More info
    Dr Michelle Baker CSIRO, Australian Centre for Disease Preparedness, Geelong, Australia. Australia Principle Research Scientist Veterinary More info
    Dr Michelle Nelson Defence Science Technology Laboratory, UK. United Kingdom Senior Principal Scientist/Capability lead for in vivo models Veterinary More info
    Dr Michihito Wakai University of Surrey United Kingdom Postdoc Medical More info
    Prof Miles Carroll University of Oxford United Kingdom Deputy Director, Head of R&DI Medical More info
    Ms Mireille Farjo University of Illinois United States Graduate student Medical More info
    Dr Misa Korva University of Ljubljana Slovenia Head of laboratory for diagnosis of COVID-19 Medical More info
    Dr Mohammad Rohaim Lancaster University United Kingdom Senior Researcher Medical More info
    Mohammed Lamorde Infectoius Diseases Institute Nigeria Head of Department Other More info
    PhD Monika Jevsnik Virant University of Ljubljana, Faculty of Medicine, Institute of Microbiology and Immunology Slovenia assistant Medical More info
    Prof Mosae Selvakumar Paulraj Asian University for women Bangladesh Professor Medical More info
    Mr MUFAIZ UL ZAMAN Department of Biomedical Engineering, GCET, J&K India Student Other More info

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